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[Keyboard Master Pro]

Professional net version for courses and classes

Keyboard Master Pro is a net version of the program which allows to manage the typing course in the local area network (LAN).

The package consists of a client software, functionally identical with the standard Keyboard Master but controlled by the manager program on the server and the teacher's manager program.

To read more about the client/student module go to standard Keyboard Master page

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Here is an overview of the main functions of teacher's manager:

Administration of many groups

You can create and manage an unlimited number of groups of students/users. Creating groups is reasonable if many groups of students will learn on the same computers. After activating the group, only the students from this group are seen and the users can log only using the identifiers from this group.

Enabling or disabling the functions

Depending on your preferences on what your students should do and what should not do, you can enable or disable the majority of the functions accessed from the client programs. So you can disable games, free exercises, registering new students, help access, visiting our web site, etc..

Real time inspection

The Manager program allows you to monitor in real time all the activities of all your students. You can see who is logged in and what he or she does at the moment. You have the information which window is opened, what exercise is performed and what are its parameters. When an exercise is completed you get an instant information on the achieved results.

All students' results

At any time you can study on the screen or print the most recent results achieved by all the students from the active group. The results contain the information on the learned characters, achieved accuracy (in %) speed (in CPM) number of errors and the time of work.

Individual student history and progress

You can also study or print the full history of activities and progress report of each individual student. The program does not give the mark, but you get all the information you need to do it yourself depending on your requirements from the students.

All the data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML or text formats or copied to other office applications.

1 year free upgrades

The program is constantly developed and we would like it to serve you best. If you find, while using our program that you would like to have also other information or statistics we shall try to add them to the next version of the program. You will get all the upgrades free for 1 year from the purchase date.

If you have any questions, send us an e-mail to sales@nahliksoft.com with the number of computers you need the license for and you will be contacted by our staff.




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